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Now manufacturers and market operators are offered a huge selection of equipment for all stages of production. But the question remains how to adjust and optimize all this so that the equipment, especially the marking equipment, gives itself away completely and achieves maximum print quality. Consider what you can do to make the marking equipment work effectively for your production:

  • Let's start with the choice of a marker - buy high-quality equipment in which you will be 100% sure. It is better to take the same original model, but used, or a model of a well-known manufacturer, but not the newest one for the year of release. Also, when choosing, evaluate what tasks the marker should perform - what to print, what format and quality, what size the marking should be and from what source the data will be taken.
  • Proper connection.  Immediately think about how you will introduce the marker into the production process. Do not forget that for high-quality printing, the speed of the product tape should be synchronized with the speed of the marker. Here you will be helped by a specialized specialist who will initially configure these printing parameters. You must immediately configure the equipment itself - font size, type, print quality and see all the settings initially, so that not only all products are marked in one  Stylistics, but the marking equipment worked stably on the same settings.
  • Supplies.  If the type of marker requires the use of consumables, buy them in advance and only high-quality ones. Bad consumables are not a way to save, since you will not only see a poor-quality printing result, but also bring the marking equipment to a breakdown. Try not to change the consumables, buy ink and tape from one manufacturer and do not forget that before using ink of a different color in a droplet and thermojet printer,  it is necessary to wash the system and nozzles.
  • The work of your specialists.  To achieve the effective operation of marking equipment, your production employees must understand not only how to adjust the printing parameters in an elementary way, but also how to quickly and effectively fill the marker with consumables, conduct a simple technical inspection. In order not to contact specialized companies and spend a lot of money on simple operations with the marker, try to train your employees to work with the equipment initially.