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As management consultants, we know the demands of investors and thus provide you with the professional management of your investment project. This enables your project goal to be reached in an appropriate time without detours.

We offer the following solutions to realise the task:

  • Business, technical and organisational project management for the initiation, definition, planning, control and completion of investment projects
  • Application of effective and efficient methods, aids and technologies to control your investment projects
  • Individual preparation of a process module, or use of an industry-/product-specific procedure model

The more employees involved in working on a project, the more challenging the project organisation will be. Sometimes, up to 1,000 team members (or more) can be working on a single project. Here, the control of all internal project processes assumes a major importance. This can be realised either with simple tools, such as action plans, or by using highly professional project-management software solutions. In addition to the business and organisational project management, our consultants also possess the know-how to solve technical problems quickly without the necessity of involving other service providers in the project. Furthermore, our internal network is outstandingly suited to promptly resolve problems as and when they occur with no time delays or additional costs.

How we manage investment projects

At the start of the project, the decision as to which project method shall be used is made with the customer on an individual basis. The project method includes the procedure model, the organisational structure and the relevant project tools. As management consultants of structure for business success, we are familiar with a wide range of branches. You will find a collection of examples on our existing industry expertise at the "Branches" link.