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We will help to increase the efficiency of your company, automate business, increase sales, make the process of interaction with customers and partners even more comfortable. We will create a system with an optimal set of functions that will lead the company to high results.

Tasks that CRM solves

  • Increase in the company's profit

CRM-system, developed specifically for the company, will lead to an increase in profit from 20%, depending on the specifics of the activity.

  • Minimization of expenses

The introduction of a CRM-system allows you to automate many processes in the company, eliminating the need to unreasonably increase the staff.

  • Increase customer loyalty

Customer data is collected and stored in a single database, information from which can be used at any time. For example, in order to make a timely offer or provide a personalized service.

  • Increase the efficiency of interaction

CRM-system optimizes the process of coordination of the company's departments, providing comfortable conditions for the work of employees.

  • Optimization of marketing processes

The system conducts high-quality analytics that allows you to customize advertising campaigns in accordance with the needs of the target audience.

  • Integration with third-party resources

Everything from social networks to programs used in the work can be integrated into CRM for even more efficient work.


Steps of the CRM system development 

Idea and design

At this stage, we communicate with the client to identify the main needs of his business.

  • Make a brief, in which we prescribe all the details of the project;
  • We coordinate them and calculate costs;
  • Collect all the necessary facts for the successful implementation of the project;
  • We analyze competitors and business niches.


We create a preliminary image, develop design layouts and the first iterations of the finished product, taking into account the needs and features of the business, as well as technical capabilities.

Deploying the Project

After the first stage is completed, we transfer the approved project to the customer's server. We test and verify the correctness and functionality of the product, as well as train the customer and his employees to use the system.


Our team provides technical support for the project and is always ready to develop it, adding new functionality so that you can manage your business anywhere from any device and the enterprise works more efficiently.