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Our company will help you automate the labeling process, taking into account the requirements of your production, integrate the labeling system into your production line, and also offer long-term maintenance.

We offer you marking equipment of brands: Inkdustry, Sojet, Carl Valentin, Yeacode, Fastjet, Cycjet, Sunine Laser, LabelPack.

The line of equipment includes various types of printers: inkjet (small and large character), thermal inkjet, thermal transfer, as well as systems for thermal embossing. The equipment compares favorably with reliability, confirmed by a warranty period of up to 30 months.

With the knowledge and experience gained in equipment maintenance, our team of service engineers will help to optimize your marking and automation processes. Technicians can advise by phone or if necessary, go to your production.

Our team of service engineers is ready to provide qualified assistance in ensuring the operability of the entire range of equipment supplied by us.

The service has its own transport, a large set of professional diagnostic and technical equipment, a warehouse of spare parts and consumables. Specialists of the service department constantly improve their skills, regularly participating in seminars, trainings, certifications.

The professionalism of our service engineers allows us to carry out commissioning of equipment as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Installation and commissioning

Since the tasks of customers are different and individual, respectively, and the lines are different, even despite their similarity, when inspecting the production, some points are revealed that we are ready to discuss, give recommendations on the correct installation of equipment, additional units for the operation of equipment (sensors, encoders, etc.)

Our engineering service is trying to provide for everything and for high-quality installation takes additional "iron", brackets, sensors, spare parts and everything that may be needed for this type of equipment start. As a result, we get a high-quality result, and everyone is satisfied.With a standard approach to installation and NDP, we agree with the customer on the arrival of our engineering service for a more detailed inspection of the production line. With the customer, we approve the laying of communications  (overhead line, conducting low-current electrical networks,  Ethernet, etc.).

The places of installation of equipment are coordinated, the installation of additional equipment units to the production line is coordinated. The length of the route for laying communications is measured. Modification of the customer's equipment is agreed, since some of our equipment requires integration into the customer's equipment. Further, the engineering service is prepared for this type of installation and NDP, the date of the beginning of installation and the period of work are agreed, respectively, the customer must stop the tb line. After installation and NDP, according to the contractual relationship, testing, staff training and commissioning of equipment are carried out. We are also always in touch and ready to help our customers in case of questions about the operation of the equipment. We understand that the customer's staff is just starting to work with NEW equipment and do not always remember the recommendations.