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Suppliers discovery services are a type of business service that help companies identify and connect with potential suppliers. These services typically utilize technology and data analytics to identify suppliers that match a company's specific needs and requirements.

The process typically involves creating a detailed profile of the company's procurement needs and then using this information to search for potential suppliers in a database or through online research. The supplier discovery service will then provide the company with a list of potential suppliers, along with information about their products or services, pricing, delivery times, and other relevant details.

One of the key advantages of using a supplier discovery service is that it can save a company time and resources in the supplier search process. Rather than having to manually search for potential suppliers, the service can quickly and efficiently identify suppliers that match the company's needs. This can be particularly valuable for companies that are looking to expand their supplier network or that are operating in a new market.

Another advantage of using a supplier discovery service is that it can provide a level of expertise and industry knowledge that the company may not have in-house. The service provider will have a deep understanding of the industry and the supplier landscape, which can help the company make informed decisions about which suppliers to work with.

However, it is important to note that not all supplier discovery services are created equal. It is important to do research and due diligence on potential service providers to ensure that they have a good reputation, strong track record, and the necessary expertise to meet the company's needs.

In summary, supplier discovery services can be a valuable tool for companies looking to identify and connect with potential suppliers. By leveraging technology and industry knowledge, these services can help companies save time and resources while finding the best suppliers to meet their specific procurement needs.